About Lisa

More information about homœopathy - including a list of many of the conditions I treat - can be found on the homœopoathy page.

My interest in Homœopathy began in 1995 when I received homœopathic remedies to help me deal with the traumatic ending of my first pregnancy. The remedies I took (Arnica, Aconite and Ignatia), performed nothing short of a miracle for me enabling me to cope emotionally and physically and I just had to know more! Therefore, in 1996 I embarked on 4 years training, graduating from the College of Practical Homœopathy as a fully qualified Homoeopath in 2000 and subsequently joining the Alliance of Registered Homœopaths.

During my training I sought homœopathic treatment for fertility and hormonal imbalances. As a result of this I naturally conceived my first daughter who was born in 1998 followed by my second daughter, born in 2001. Throughout both pregnancies and labours homœopathy played a major role. Both my children have been brought up with homœopathy.

Many of my clients turn to homœopathy during pregnancy or for fertility concerns whilst seeking a natural alternative to conventional medicine. I provide homoeopathic advice at National Childbirth Trust meetings and antenatal groups.

I have a background in counselling and work with clients suffering with anxiety and depression; the trauma of loss and bereavement and those with addictive behaviour such as OCD. I also work closely with babies and children with a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms.